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Greetings and a warm welcome to the 73rd Indian Pharmaceutical Congress, an event of profound significance and a celebration of our shared commitment to the well-being of people across the globe. As we gather here in the historic city of Hyderabad, renowned as the 'City of Pearls,' with its rich historical heritage that stands as an emblem of tradition and culture. It has seamlessly transitioned into a thriving hub for technological innovation, aptly named 'Cyberabad.' This transformation exemplifies the harmonious coexistence of historical charm and cutting-edge research in the vibrant landscape of science and technology, setting the stage for our industry's continued leadership in healthcare innovation.

As we convene here, it is imperative that we reflect on the unique and critical position that the Indian pharmaceutical sector holds on the global stage. India long been recognized as the "Pharmacy of the World," and this recognition comes with great responsibilities. Our nation has been a source of affordable and high-quality medicines, touching the lives of millions around the globe. We must carry forward, with renewed dedication and innovation.

In the face of a world grappling with health crises, the spotlight is firmly on our industry's potential to bring about positive change. Our commitment to research, development, and manufacturing must not only address the healthcare needs of our own nation and also carry forward our legacy. The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the resilience and resourcefulness of the Indian pharmaceutical sector. It was Indian pharmaceutical companies that played a pivotal role in the development and distribution of vaccines and medicines that were critical in the global fight against the virus and saved millions of lives.

In conclusion, I want to extend my appreciation to all of you for your unwavering commitment to the cause of health and well-being. The world looks to us, the Indian pharmaceutical community, for leadership and vision. Let this congress be a catalyst for greater collaboration, ground-breaking research, and a stronger commitment to ensuring that the role of Indian Pharma for global well-being remains our enduring legacy.

May the 73rd Indian Pharmaceutical Congress be a resounding success, fostering innovation, collaboration, and advancements in the pharmaceutical field. Here is to an event that enriches knowledge, strengthens connections, and propels the industry toward a brighter and healthier future. Wishing the 73rd IPC great success!!!

Best Regards
Shri Dr. Bandi Parthasaradhi Reddy
President 73rd IPCA
Contact : president@73ipc.com