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Accreditation For Continuing Education

Continuing Education is mandatory for all Pharmacists and faculty for the purposes of continuing their professional responsibilities and registration with State Pharmacy Councils as per various regulations of Pharmacy Council of India, New Delhi. “Pharmacy Council of India has accorded recognition to the Scientific Sessions of the IPC as a refresher course /continuing pharmacy education programme under regulations 4.2 (IV) of the Pharmacy Practice Regulations 2015”. Participants who attend the scientific sessions in full are eligible to receive CEP Certificate. The Certificate will be issued at the registration counter between 1 pm - 3 pm on the last day of IPC

For more details contact :

Dr. Roop K Khar, Convener, SSC- IPCA
e-mail : sscipca@73ipc.com
Ph No.: 9810508898

Dr. Sistla Ramakrishna, Chairman, SSC– LOC
e-mail : sscloc@73ipc.com
Ph No.: 9849109339